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Dressing for Their Success

By May 24, 2019June 9th, 2020Insurance

Helping others is in our jeans

Sometimes the clothes don’t make the man or woman; they make a difference! You may have noticed our McGrath Insurance Group employees sporting jeans on Fridays—it’s a comfort we decided as a group to pay for in honor of charity. Since ours is a corporate-casual work environment, we typically dress a step or two above denim. However, on casual Friday, our team members can wear jeans, as long as they drop $5 into our charity fund. Every month, we award that fund to the charity of our choice. You might say that, when we slip on those comfortable pairs of jeans, it reminds us to help others who are in need of comfort.

Since we implemented this tradition, we have been able to donate to causes like the Camden County “Shop with a Cop,” and we adopted a family at Christmas through the Camden County Child Advocacy Center.

We really enjoy working together to decide which charity to give to, and this spring was no exception. We used the funds raised to shop for food items to donate to the Lamb House, an emergency food pantry located in Camdenton which doubles as a resource center for families not on government assistance programs like food stamps. The non-profit helps educate and guide families on how to apply for government aid, while helping make sure they are taken care of during the gap. The Lamb House also helps provide funding for disconnected utilities and prescription medications.

On March 11, 2019 we were able to bring a much-needed boost of over 200 food items to help stock the shelves of the Lamb House pantry. We are proud to be able to partner with local charities to support our community that we all live and work in.

We love our community and welcome your participation in our efforts. Let us know if you can suggest a local organization that would benefit from our $5 Jeans for Charity Fundraiser! Small things can make a big difference.


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