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How Lake Ozark Insurance Agents Save You Money

Believe it or not, Lake Ozark insurance agents are one of the first people to talk to when you’re looking for ways to save money. While this might not seem like the first group of people you’d turn to, we have evidence to help you understand why our insurance agents at McGrath Insurance Group are well equipped to help you cut back on your spending.

Types of Lake Ozark Insurance Agents

Before we get into specific types of coverages, let’s look closer at specific types of insurance agents. The type of insurance agent you choose to work with will directly impact how much money you can save.

Direct Writers are insurance agents that work directly with an insurance company. The idea here is to cut out the middle man. While that’s true, it also cuts out your coverages and customer service options. You’re less likely to get something tailored to your unique needs or situation.

Captive agents are insurance agents that work for one single carrier. Because they work with a single carrier, they’re not equipped to offer you various options, which means you might spend more money because you’ll have limited options to choose from.

Independent insurance agents, like McGrath Insurance Group, are agents who work with a variety of companies to get clients’ coverage. We are knowledgeable and versatile when it comes to finding what your family or business needs. More importantly, because we’re not linked to one specific company, we can help you understand the type of coverage needed, so you can get what you need without paying for what you don’t.

Which Insurance Agent is Right For You?

Having a choice is a good thing. Some customers choose to work directly with captive agents or direct writers because they believe they’ll save money this way. That’s simply not the case. Independent insurance agents do not cost more to work with and, on the contrary, are better equipped to find you the best savings on coverage.

Likewise, as independent insurance agents, we can put you first rather than a singular company represented. This allows us to be more flexible with what we present to you, and make critical adjustments as your life’s circumstances change.

If you value more options, personalized service, and direct contact, an independent insurance agent is the right fit for you.

Lake Ozark Insurance Agents Provide a Variety of Coverage

Independent insurance agents in Lake Ozark aren’t limited to a single type of coverage. Instead, we’re able to represent a variety of policies and coverages, helping you build an umbrella to give you coverage for what you need and eliminate coverage for what you don’t need.

Types of coverage an independent insurance agent is able to offer include:

Personal insurance for your home, auto, boat, RV and other types of property.

Business insurance to protect your business against catastrophic accidents, workers’ compensation, and other critical coverages.

Health insurance for your team, business, and also Medicare for individuals.

Lake Ozark Insurance Agents Save You Precious Time

Shopping for insurance takes a tremendous amount of time, especially if you’re new to the insurance world. Having an independent insurance agent sift through the information that’s available and pull out the best policies for your needs will save you hours of research time.

Don’t Sacrifice Savings by Choosing the Wrong Insurance Agents in Lake Ozark

You can have excellent coverage without paying an arm and a leg. Working with an independent insurance agent, like us at McGrath Insurance Group, can help you find those policies and save you time and money in the process. Contact us to request a proposal, and we’ll be happy to show you firsthand how much money we can save you.